Welcome at Társjón´s Norwegian Forest Cats!

At the following pages I´d like to present my small family based breeding of Norwegian Forest Cats.
We are at the beginning of breeding and follow the development of our new youngster Davina.
My cats are members of my family and each is individual and has it´s own needs. I´d like to give them the best home they could wish and a part of that is to have time for each litter and each individual kitten as they and the mother need. Out of that my neutered sweethearts should have time without playing kittens. They are as important as my breeding cats and everything started within them!
I´m a member of 1. DEKZV e.V. and my breeding is based on the rules of that club. I also often meet with other breeders to keep informed.

If there are any questions or if you are interesed in our breeding feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to share our deep love to our breed!

Have a nice time while visting Társjón´s NFO. If there is time we are looking forward to a comment in our guestbook!